Tiger Queens

The Genesis Collection – “The Tiger Queens”

2022 is the Year of Water Tiger and we are celebrating this with “The Tiger Queens” – the genesis collection by SOYU. This collection is 5 x 1 of 1 art pieces, which are inspired by the tigers from the Chinese Zodiac. Each Tiger Queen appears every 12 years and a full cycle of Tiger Queens is every 60 years and follows the five phases / elements (Wuxing)

The last cycle was as follows:

  • 2022 – Water Tiger
  • 2010 – Gold / Metal Tiger
  • 1998 – Earth Tiger
  • 1986 – Fire Tiger
  • 1974 – Wood Tiger

Each Tiger Queen comes with their own characteristics dependent on the Wuxing element.

Water Tiger Queen
Metal Tiger Queen
Earth Tiger Queen
Fire Tiger Queen
Wood Tiger Queen